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Simple Solutions to Help Access & Understand Your PureCloud Data

Data Extractor

The Data Extractor is a simple but powerful tool that provides the user with the ability to export call detail information from PureCloud to a .CSV file.  Check out the attached video for more information.  

Dashboard for PureCloud

The Configurable Dashboard for PureCloud(tm) provides a real time dashboard to monitor what’s going on in your call center moment to moment.  Define custom metrics as well as thresholds and alerts. See our video demo below to learn more about how PureInsights can provide the visibility you need.  

Database for PureCloud

Database for PureCloud provides call detail and aggregate data staged in a relational database to allow easy access through traditional reporting and analytics tools. We also include our easy, drag and drop reporting tool PureInsights Business Intelligence in the subscription. Mix and match access any way you want – there […]

PureInsights Enterprise

PureInsights Enterprise offering provides a Cloud Data Warehouse of your PureCloud data. PureInsights Enterprise extracts data from PureCloud and stages it for historical analysis leveraging, the visualization capabilities of Tableau, PowerBI, QlikView, Domo or other BI tools.  Customers who use Tableau can get a head start with our Tableau workbooks […]

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